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Breanna. Learning to love and be loved from the One who is Love.

Grace carried me here,
and by Grace I’ll carry on.

I love this print.

Happy @mattisliving decided to put up some of his photography. This one was my favorite. ➡ #landscape #photography #lake

I love this print.

Happy @mattisliving decided to put up some of his photography. This one was my favorite. ➡ #landscape #photography #lake

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"He who loves, sees."

- C.S. Lewis

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Photo by @emmafineman #loveauthentic #liveauthentic


Photo by @emmafineman #loveauthentic #liveauthentic

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"Oddly enough, it’s the storms that whisper His name, the storms that make His presence most known. So prepare yourself when the seas of life begin to grow restless, because you might be getting ready to encounter God; what a heartbreakingly beautiful thing it is to behold."

- T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

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Remember the people that need you. Remember that you can light up a room just by walking into it with your joy and kindness. Smile. Remember that you may be the only one who asks that person “how are you today?”; you may be the one person who sees them and shows them someone cares about their day. Maybe someone needs your thoughtfulness. Your sense of humor. Your laugh. Your patient ability to listen. Remember you have a gift inside you to give. It’s you. It’s you when you don’t let sadness stop you, and you remember love is still worth giving freely, and that someone may need exactly what only you could give through simply being you.

You matter.

You make a difference.

The world needs someone just like you.

God created you uniquely, and placed a precious heart inside you. He made all of us in His image. Look, there’s His beauty. Look, there’s His joy. Look, there is His compassion. It’s inside you. He wove it into the fabric of Your being. He knows the way you love and exist and be in this world will touch others in the way He made you to. He placed His glory in you. Let it shine out. People need that light. You are the light. Don’t lose that light. Don’t hide it. Let your light shine so others can see, and glorify Your father in heaven.

It doesn’t have to always be through doing grand things and sometimes you don’t need to say a word. Just be who God created you to be. Just let the line shine out wherever you go. Let His glory radiate out of you to others. They will see. People will notice your joy, your love, your kindness, and that it’s different. They will be drawn to that. This world needs light in dark places. Go and be.

Remember people need someone like you.

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"I wait for the day
that choosing me doesn’t feel
like a choice at all."

- Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)

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want & need

want & need

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It’s so humbling to be loved.

Like, wow.

They love me.

I always am amazed every time I experience that.

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"I have made you. I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you."

- Isaiah 46:4

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Another Feather via Laura Dart @dartphoto


Another Feather via Laura Dart @dartphoto

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"But the past couple
of days I’ve missed you so much it felt like missing you
is all I am."

- Elizabeth Scott

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"But when the Bible speaks of love, it measures it primarily not by how much you want to receive but how much you are willing to give of yourself to someone."

- The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

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