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Grace carried me here,
and by Grace I’ll carry on.

A lot of you think I’m really confident in my singleness and all that, but it’s not like it’s easy and I don’t struggle with that, especially once in awhile when I admire a godly man and like them a whole lot. Lately I have had to take a lot of things in my heart and lay them on the altar for God to what He wills, because I get my hopes up when I shouldn’t sometimes. I can like someone a lot, and God tells me, “it’s not My timing” or “it’s not My will” or even just “trust Me with that, let go” not knowing what will happen if I do, and no matter how hard that is right then, I will obey, because it’s better to trust Him. God has to take me through surrender and strengthen my heart in trusting Him. I just want you to know it’s not because I’m so content and it’s something I’m able to do in my own power. Not at all. Actually the opposite. It’s only by God’s grace and the strength and joy He gives me as I seek after His heart for me that I’m able to stand strong and be thankful for where He has me. It all comes back to finding your delight wholeheartedly in God, in giving Him what is dear to your heart because you know He is faithful and good and you can trust Him, and to worship Him there and be secure in His love for you, which is greater than any other love you will ever know.


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    I can agree with this so much. Being single and remaining single is not a task of myself, it is because of God. Without...
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