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Breanna. Learning to love and be loved from the One who is Love.

Grace carried me here,
and by Grace I’ll carry on.

Albums I Love

Never can listen to any of these enough. Listed in no particular order.

  1. Atonement" and "Redirect" by Your Memorial
  2. Breaker" and "Immortal" by For Today
  3. "Dear G-d" by Being As An Ocean
  4. "I Am" and "Self-Titled" by Texas In July
  5. "Kingdom Days in An Evil Age" by Sleeping Giant
  6. "Children of Fire" and "Son of The Morning" by Oh, Sleeper
  7. "Meddler", "Leveler", "Constellations", "Messengers", "Thrill Seeker" by August Burns Red
  8. "Let Go" by Hundredth
  9. "Vainglory" by A Past Unknown

And that’s not even all of them, I left out so many great albums and artists. There is a ton of great music out there. These are some of my favorites right now.


  1. bornofthespirit said: 1) The guitarist of A Past Unknown is my roommate. 2) You left out Thrill Seeker, ABR’s best album.
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